In the beginning of time the Great god Djali created his council, and with his council he created this land. Each of the 21 members of the council was involved in the creating of different things.

Now there were two brothers in his council, the only siblings of the council. To them both Djali gave the greatest task, to create a race, unlike any other; a race without the strength of an orc or the swiftness of an elf, the stature of a mountain or the calm of a stream, the rage of a storm or the heat from the sun. These new creatures were to be totally different from all others …

When the time came to present the creation to Djali, the younger brother stood up and showed the new race…

For many days Djali inspected this creation, and he saw that it was not like any other thing made. Djali saw that it was good. He said, “I now give you the name Tamathiel, for you have found favour in my eyes. Now go and rest from your labours.”

So Tamathiel went and lived in the lands that Djali had made, with all the living things that the council had made. He had an exceptionally long and life, and in his great old age, when the world had forgot Djali, Djali occasionally whispered to him, and Tamathiel wrote these things down.

More then 10,000 years ago, Tamathiel was meditating in the great forest when he fell into a trance like dream and these words came to him:

Peace will come, but will not last
Across Tamathiel’s land so vast
Four races will dwell in peace
For ten millennia at least

Then world will descend into chaos and lies
Before the Lord of Darkness will arise
To take all creatures that have breath
To take them to the land of death

But creatures are not to this fate bound
As when five strangers are found
When courage, friendship and love are unleashed
The true Emperor the empire from evil will release.”