Star of Tamathiel

The sequel to Tamathiel, the Star of Tamathiel, is so nearly finished you would not believe it.  I just want to do a little more work polishing up the last couple of chapters ... it was so exciting that I finished it too quickly - and forgot to write everything down that I wanted to!  I want to go back and put some more detail in so you will enjoy everything that is meant to be there.

Here is some information to whet your appetite.

*  *  *

When Tamathiel was very old and frail a final vision came to him, but he knew he was unable to make the journey from his hermitage to pass this message on.  And so, even though his eyes were failing, and his hand unsteady, he wrote these words on a parchment: 

    Weapons needed will be scattered,
    Without these the battle will be in vain,
    Things that once to each race mattered,
    Will be united once again,

    For the one who does this the future is plain,
    He will pay the heaviest cost,
    In mental torment, anguish and pain,
    For as he finds, and wins, he to himself will be lost.

    My friends, I hope this message reaches you. As with my later visions I do not know what it means, nor how it relates to the others. I am too weak to bring this message to you, even too weak to ponder these things more. I am burying this with the Star of Tamathiel.  Perhaps the Star that has given me great longevity will help preserve it – for I feel there is something of great importance here. I have given you all the wisdom that has been shown me – I hope for you that it is enough.


He put this in a leather pocket with his most valuable possession, a large white stone, the Star of Tamathiel, and buried it at the foot of a large Mubark tree outside his house. As he struggled with the effort of piling the earth over the hole, the shovel caught the leather pocket, and then stuck in the root of the tree, and he could not remove it.  So there it remained.

Later Tamathiel died, and soon his visits were forgotten by almost all.  The seasons passed and the handle of the shovel that buried the message quickly rotted.  But the blade of the shovel, the blade that had touched the leather pocket with the Star of Tamathiel in it, seemed to have been empowered with long life. It did not rust, or perish, and remained stuck in the root of the Mubark tree until this day.

*  *  *

The Star of Tamathiel starts with Dan on the island that he and his friends visited eight years ago. Now he lives with his wife Thesis, and his son Ithillian.  But Dan won’t live a peaceful life as a second Dark Lord has arisen. Dan needs to reclaim the lost Artifacts of Tamathiel and open the mysterious Island of Time that will link Tamathiel back to Earth so he can get home. However, not all his friends are as they once were when he meets them again, and his authority over Tamathiel is questioned by one of them.

Will this prevent him from finding the true Star of Tamathiel and stop him defeating the second Dark Lord?